• Ebook: “More than speaking” Paulina Dołęga


    Even though I am the author of the worksheets and lesson plans, I hardly ever use them step-by-step myself. I just observe my group and intentionally skip some of the exercises or even change the order of them, so my advice to you is to use these lesson plans as an inspiration. You can also use single activities and incorporate them in your everyday lessons. For that I usually cut out the interesting parts and print them for my students. Sometimes you might want to actually cut the worksheets into pieces so that you keep the element of surprise.

    When there’s a video to watch you can always give it to your students before the lesson but it will take away the element of surprise. This way though will be perfect for the students on lower levels since they’ll have a chance to check all the vocabulary and watch it or read it as many times as they want to. If there’s a longer video I’d rather give it to my students before the lesson so that during the lesson they can actively use phrases, vocabulary and structures from the material.

    During my conversation lessons I try to feel the group and use a proper way to correct their mistakes. I usually go for gentle correction so as not to discourage students from using English. In more advanced groups I tend to correct more mistakes on the go, but my first and foremost goal is their fluency.

    During my lessons I cut down my teacher talking time to the minimum. Students work in pairs and small groups and my role is to be a quiet observer, I usually go around the classroom offering my assistance and correcting major mistakes, if necessary.

    You’ll notice that most of the questions and activities are created by your students. I’d like to help them develop their autonomy and engage them in creating the contents of our lesson. Some students might need to hear it from you. Remember, the more involved they become, the better!

    I truly hope these lesson plans will make your life easier! Paulina Dolęga

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