• Ebook: “A Christmas Medley of Lesson Plans” Ewa Torebko


    “A Christmas Medley of Lesson Plans” is a collection of nine lesson plans, three for each of the following levels: A2/B1, B1/B2, B2/C1.

    Each lesson plan may be used within a lesson of forty-five minutes or longer, depending on the number of activities chosen. Each lesson plan includes one main language task (a reading one, a listening one or a Use of English task) and a few follow-up activities, which may include speaking, writing or vocabulary tasks.
    If you prefer, you may use just the main language tasks without any of the accompanyingactivities.
    Each lesson plan includes a Student Worksheet that you must copy for each student, and a Teacher Worksheet and Notes, which include the content of the Student Worksheet with the answer key, and suggestions on how to use all the activities. Feel free, however, to use the activities in any way that will suit your teaching style and benefit your students.
    At the end of the materials, you can find the tapescripts of all the listening tasks. The audio tracks can be accessed by scanning the QR codes or using the links provided. If the students do that individually, make sure they use earphones/headphones so that they do not disturb each other. If the recordings don’t open automatically after scanning the codes, tell the students to click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and choose ‘open in browser’.

    Print length: 56 pages



  • Ebook: “Choose Your Own Christmas Adventure” Ewa Torebko


    “Choose Your Own Christmas Adventure” is a game in which students are faced with a series of decisions and must make choices about the way they are going to spend their Christmas.
    The game consists of 44 cards that need to be printed out and laminated (or printed on thicker paper).

    No of pages: 13

  • Ebook: “The 12 Lessons for Christmas” Ewa Torebko


    The e-book “The 12 Lessons for Christmas” contains 12 sets of activities that you can use with your students around Christmas. The first six activities will be suitable for A2/B1 students and the other six for B1/B2 students.

    No of pages: 50

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