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  • Fluency Now

    The aim of the conference is to show all different aspects in which “fluency” plays the key role in our classrooms: as a speaking skill, but also as a feature of reading, writing and listening: with ease, with speed, with independence, with the right tempo, and with meeting one’s goals. Is there a more important skill for effective communication?
    No matter what age your students are! We will inspire you to practice speaking without any fear, without much hesitation and without consideration of each and every word.
    Autor: Anna Popławska; Luiza Wójtowicz-Waga; David Booth; Scott Thornbury; Magda Zawadzka; Paul Seligson; Jamie Keddie; dr Monika Cichmińska; Andrew Khan; Ewa Torebko; Małgorzata Klecuń; Anna Nakonieczna; Ola Mikrut and Arek Mikrut; Katarzyna Warszyńska; Katarzyna Kłopska; Matt Byrski

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