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  • Fluency Now

    The aim of the conference is to show all different aspects in which “fluency” plays the key role in our classrooms: as a speaking skill, but also as a feature of reading, writing and listening: with ease, with speed, with independence, with the right tempo, and with meeting one’s goals. Is there a more important skill for effective communication?
    No matter what age your students are! We will inspire you to practice speaking without any fear, without much hesitation and without consideration of each and every word.
    Autor: Anna Popławska; Luiza Wójtowicz-Waga; David Booth; Scott Thornbury; Magda Zawadzka; Paul Seligson; Jamie Keddie; dr Monika Cichmińska; Andrew Khan; Ewa Torebko; Małgorzata Klecuń; Anna Nakonieczna; Ola Mikrut and Arek Mikrut; Katarzyna Warszyńska; Katarzyna Kłopska; Matt Byrski
  • How to teach


    How to Teach is an online conference for English teachers who want to master teaching skills in detail. What you will get is 16 sessions that will take you through all the ins and outs of your profession.

    From teaching grammar to teaching vocabulary, from speaking to listening and reading, from classroom management to assessment and feedback. A full university course in one day.

    Autor: Penny Ur, Monika Cichmińska, Magda Kania, Luiza Wójtowicz-Waga, Małgorzata Fryckowska, Czesław Kiński, Jacek Łagun, Tomasz Róg, Louisa Dunne, Małgorzata Klecuń, Sonja Górniak, Jamie Keddie, Magdalena Zawadzka, Anna Popławska, Giorgio Lemmolo

  • Paul Seligson’s top class management tips


    2 SUPER-PRACTICAL HOURS with one of the most renowned teacher trainers in the world!

    What will you learn?

    Efficient group management is in many ways the key teaching skill. This super practical workshop offers a large number of key, easy-to-implement classroom management tips for teachers of all ages and levels, advice based on observations of teachers, best practices from maaaanyyy years in the classroom (and many mistakes made… oops;).

    Autor: Paul Seligson

  • Teach and play


    What both students and teachers need is learning through play – I am absolutely convinced about that.

    Not just learning and not just play but a wise, creative combination of both. Join our newest teacher training course with 16 “Teach&Play” sessions. See how to teach and play with post-it notes, chalk and board, flashcards, your fingers, realia, correction fluid and many more!

    Autor: Luiza Wójtowicz-Waga, Anna Popławska, Paulina Dolęga, Monika Ziębakowska, Monika Bigaj-Kisała, Paul Seligson, Arek Mikrut & Ola Mikrut, Anna Wieczorek, Katarzyna Janocha, Natalia Tengowska, Karina Frejlich, Małogrzata Kiecuń, Katarzyna Choroszy, Kinga Zieja

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