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  • Ebook: “A Wise Witch and the Cauldron of Feelings” Ewa Torebko


    “A Wise Witch and the Cauldron of Feelings” is a set of 16 activities that can be used around Halloween with students at B1-B2 levels. You can mix and match the activities to suit the needs of your students and yours. Each of the sixteen tasks includes:

    •  A title that introduces the magical/legendary creatures the task is connected with and the feeling that has been assigned to them in the game.
    •  An introduction that gives a short overview of the creatures.
    •  An ingredient of the magical potion that the students can gain if they complete the task.
    • An instruction detailing what the students must do in the task that follows

    No of pages: 47

  • Ebook: “Creeping across the Curriculum” Ewa Torebko


    “Creeping across the Curriculum” is a collection of 14 activities that can be used with students at B1-B2+ levels. Each activity is connected with a different lexical topic from the Curriculum and has a Halloween twist to it.
    ● You can use a selection of the activities here to conduct a Halloween related lesson and at the same time practise the vocabulary on the topics you are currently working on with your students or would like them to revise.
    ● You can also use any of the activities here to add a little Halloween flavour to your lessons by choosing one that is aligned with the vocabulary your students are currently working on and this way supplement or expand on whatever you are currently doing with that particular group of students

    No of pages: 45

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