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“Let’s grow: 18 weeks to a more successful school!”

Sign up for our free programme for school directors and owners and find out what the key steps to make your school flourish are.

Meet our experts and be ready for the coming year with the best practices in the language teaching business. It is just 18 weeks which can change your whole future. What topics can you expect during this programme? Teaching quality, marketing, teacher management, young learner courses, tips on sales, new technologies in professional school management. What a programme! Let’s grow together.


Please check our Online Course For English Teachers:

“EFFECTIVE TEACHING. How to teach so that your students remember?”

Understand how the methods you use during your lessons impact how much your students remember! Good teachers realize the importance of creating a brain friendly classroom.

Improve your teaching strategies and skills! In 20 online lessons Luiza will take you through in ins and outs of how human memory works, the rules of effective teaching and methods your students need to know in order to be super fast learners.

Trainer: Luiza Wojtowicz-Waga

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