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2022/01/15 09:00:00

How to Teach is an online conference for English teachers who want to master teaching skills in detail. What you will get is 16 sessions that will take you through all the ins and outs of your professions. From teaching grammar to teaching vocabulary, from speaking to listening and reading, from classroom management to assessment and feedback. A full university course in one day.


Please check our Online Course For English Teachers:

“EFFECTIVE TEACHING. How to teach so that your students remember?”

Understand how the methods you use during your lessons impact how much your students remember! Good teachers realize the importance of creating a brain friendly classroom.

Improve your teaching strategies and skills! In 20 online lessons Luiza will take you through in ins and outs of how human memory works, the rules of effective teaching and methods your students need to know in order to be super fast learners.

Trainer: Luiza Wojtowicz-Waga

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