Less is more or when a teacher reaches more by…doing less.

A modernist rule known as „less is more” works wonderfully well not only with architecture but also with teaching. Doesn’t it sound good? Come to the webinar and learn how to work less and prepare less and at the same time reach more and achieve better results.



We know that you want to be a better teacher! And we also know what you need to become one.
All you need is:
– professional knowledge and guidance,
– practical ideas for your classes,
– advice from experienced teachers.

So… what have we set out to do? 😏

We decided to hold a FULL university teaching course in ONE day! Possible? With edunation the sky is the limit!
👉 Take part in “How to Teach”! 👈 https://howtoteach.edunation.global/

“How to Teach” is an online conference for English teachers who want to master teaching skills in detail.
What you will get is 16 sessions that will take you through all the ins and outs of your profession. From teaching grammar to teaching vocabulary, from speaking to listening and reading, from classroom management to assessment and feedback.


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