Free ebook ‘Lessons on love”

We have prepared a special Valentine’s Day gift for you and your students!!!

Free ebook “LESSONS ON LOVE” comprises ten sets of tasks, all on the topic of love. Each set can be used independently of the others as each deals with a different kind of love.

The material can be used with students at B1-B2 levels. The texts vary in difficulty so you need to judge whether a particular text will be appropriate for your students.

Each set consists of five parts:

1) Love to Think:
three quotes that are supposed to get students thinking about the kind of love the set focuses on. It can also be used as a pre-reading speaking task.

2) Love to Read:
a text to read and an accompanying reading comprehension or Use of English task. The answer key to this part is provided at the end of the materials.

3) Love to Talk:
five questions to discuss as a post-reading task.

4) Love to Write:
a choice of two writing tasks that are closely connected with the kind of love the set deals with.

5) Love to Explore:
a follow-up task in which students research one of the five topics and present it in the form agreed upon with the teacher, be it a writing task, an oral presentation, an audio or video recording.

Download our ebook with a game you can play with your students!

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