10 Classroom Games You Absolutely Must Know

Do you ever run out of ideas for engaging language classes? Not anymore! In my webinar I will introduce 10 low-prep classroom games, easy to incorporate in your everyday lessons. No matter if you want to teach grammar, vocabulary, or speaking – these versatile activities will keep your students buzzing with excitement! Watch the webinar recordings here:

“Language education for young students from Ukraine – challenges for English teachers”

The purpose of this webinar  is twofold: first it focuses on the challenges and the propounded solutions to second language acquisition (SLA) from the perspectives of the refugees and asylum seekers based on current literature and the author’s own experience. We will discuss the following questions to help teachers deal with refugees. What are the difficulties that asylum seekers and…

“Teacher’s stress survival kit – how to cope with anxiety and pressure”?

If you’re looking for a handful of smart and easy ways to manage stress and work effectively under pressure this webinar is for you! Taking care of our mental health should be a priority so why don’t you pamper yourself with this kind talk full of understanding and compassion. The tools and ideas Ania is going to share with you…

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