Play and learn with adult students!

Is it worth introducing language games during a lesson with an adult student? Of course, YES! 🤩🤩 During this webinar, Anna Popławska will suggest which applications and websites will help you engage and motivate your adult learner to learn. Who said that language games are only for children? Watch the webinar recordings here:

Teacher Talking Time Online – the sound of Teacher Silence

Although I’m really mindful about the quality and the amount of time that I speak in the classroom, online teaching took me by surprise and I lost my grit. If it sound a little bit like you story, please join me on Thursday for a good deal of practical ideas on how manage your talking time and get back on…

Let’s talk like adults. Practical ideas on how to make your adult language learners talk.

Why do your adult students avoid speaking in English? How to fight their mental block? The mere thought of opening their mouths makes your students want to run away and disappear from the surface of the Earth… They have been studying for many years but still all the time avoid conversations in English. Sounds familiar? Come to Luiza’s webinar, she…

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