Creativity is not a hoax. 10 ways to boost your own and your students’ creativity.

In the ever-evolving world of education, fostering creativity is more crucial than ever. Join us for an engaging webinar where we will explore 10 proven strategies to inspire and enhance creativity, both in yourself and your students. Luiza will share practical techniques, real-life examples, and actionable insights that you can implement immediately in your classroom. To watch the webinar recording…

This is not how you do it! 10 mistakes in class and how to prevent them.

Regardless of how many years you've been working in the profession, you are not immune to making teaching mistakes. Sometimes, we act out of habit, thinking we're doing things right. During the webinar, I'll show you the top 10 most common teaching errors I observe in lessons and provide tips on how to prevent them. To watch the webinar recording…

The power of language exams at your school. Learn about 3 perspectives and milestones to consider.

Why are language exams getting more and more popular? In our webinar we will look at them from three perspectives and show you the benefits they may bring to students, parents and school owners. After our session you will see what advantages the thoroughly-thought-over exam path may give. What is more, we will present you with plenty of examples of…

10 Classroom Games You Absolutely Must Know

Do you ever run out of ideas for engaging language classes? Not anymore! In my webinar I will introduce 10 low-prep classroom games, easy to incorporate in your everyday lessons. No matter if you want to teach grammar, vocabulary, or speaking – these versatile activities will keep your students buzzing with excitement! Watch the webinar recordings here:

Play and learn with adult students!

Is it worth introducing language games during a lesson with an adult student? Of course, YES! 🤩🤩 During this webinar, Anna Popławska will suggest which applications and websites will help you engage and motivate your adult learner to learn. Who said that language games are only for children? Watch the webinar recordings here:

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