Forget me not! Simple and Practical ideas to boost your students’ memory.

Research provides language learners with many effective memorization techniques and dozens of ways to remember words and grammar. Come to my newest webinar! I will show you the best ways to memorize language – your students will fall in love with these techniques. I will outline popular methods for learning and help you create a plan for integrating language learning into everyday life. You will have fun during the webinar, your students will have fun during their language learning!

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“EFFECTIVE TEACHING. How to teach so that your students remember?”

Understand how the methods you use during your lessons impact how much your students remember! Good teachers realize the importance of creating a brain friendly classroom.Improve your teaching strategies and skills!

In 20 online lessons Luiza will take you through in ins and outs
of how human memory works, the rules of effective teaching
and methods your students need to know in order to be super fast learners.

✅ 20 online lesson
✅ 12-month access
✅ E-certificate
✅ Course starts on 01.09.2021

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