Ebook: “Easter Things” Ewa Torebko


“Easter Things” is a set of 12 activities (arranged into 6 pairs) that can be used around Easter with students at B1-B2+ levels. You can mix and match the activities, use them in pairs or as individual activities.

The title of this e-book is a call-back to the series “Stranger Things”, in which the existing world has its “flipped” or alternate version called “The Upside Down”. In “Easter Things”, the activities are presented in pairs in which one activity attempts to be as if the reversed version of the other. Each activity in each pair, however, contains a different language task and/or text. It is the mechanics of the activity that are reversed so you can use both of the activities in each pair or just one, as you see fit.

No of pages: 24

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Ewa Torebko

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