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Luiza Wójtowicz-Waga

Teaching is simple! Don’t overcomplicate it!



9:00 PM CET

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Join us for a session where we debunk myths, cut through complexities, and provide straightforward strategies to make teaching more effective and enjoyable.

Luiza, our experienced presenter, will share practical tips, emphasizing that impactful teaching doesn’t need to be daunting. From streamlined lesson planning to fostering student engagement, discover the joy in simplicity. 

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Who will teach you

Luiza Wójtowicz-Waga

She is a trainer and coach working in the field of language education.

She conducts practical training and workshops to expand teachers’ knowledge and awareness. She is also a moderator of the Design Thinking method in education.

On a daily basis, she teaches business English and conducts consulting and training projects in the area of foreign language teaching and the training market in Poland. She helps to make changes at every level of language education: at the lesson level, at the level of methodological care, training sales, self-presentation.


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Teaching is simple! Don’t overcomplicate it!

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