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Renata Ruiz, Academic Marketing Director at EF International Language Campuses

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We want you to feel excited about standing in front of the classroom each day. To share your passion for languages. To motivate your students, to learn and to expand their horizons. To feel inspired yourself – and to inspire them. Find out more about Study Trips to the UK and our range of free resources for language teachers.

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10 teaching rules that always come to the rescue.

Join our webinar for practical insights into effective teaching strategies that always come to the rescue. Explore proven principles for navigating challenges in today’s classrooms, from fostering engagement to managing diverse student needs. Luiza, our expert presenter, will share real-class examples, empowering you to enhance your teaching toolkit with confidence. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your teaching – watch…
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AI and images: creative lesson ideas

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only transforming the world, but also the way we teach and learn languages. In this webinar, you will discover how to use AI-generated images to create innovative and engaging lesson materials for your language classes. You will learn how to access and use various AI tools to produce realistic and diverse images that can spark…

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Top 5 AI apps you need to know

Are you an English language teacher who wants to learn more about the latest AI tools that can enhance your teaching practice? Do you want to discover new ways to create engaging and personalized lessons for your students? If so, join us for this webinar where we will explore the top 5 AI apps you need to know in 2024!…
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