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Renata Ruiz, Academic Marketing Director at EF International Language Campuses

21:00 CET

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We want you to feel excited about standing in front of the classroom each day. To share your passion for languages. To motivate your students, to learn and to expand their horizons. To feel inspired yourself – and to inspire them. Find out more about Study Trips to the UK and our range of free resources for language teachers.

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15 Ideas for Using GPT Chat in Your Classroom

Everyone is talking about it and some people already cannot imagine teaching without it. We’re talking about the GPT chat, which is revolutionizing the way we prepare for lessons. How can we use it wisely? When and how can the chat save us time? How can it help us prepare lessons? We’ll discuss these topics in our upcoming webinar. Ania…

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10 teaching mistakes you should avoid

In this webinar Luiza will tell you about the most common teaching mistakes she observes when visiting lessons. You will get a chance to analyse your own classes and learn what to do in order to avoid some quite typical errors. Watch the webinar recordings here:

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